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Manakeep 728x90
(Jul 25, 2012)
Also, Bazzamatazz is Expert in the Tailor's Guild and can make sweet stuff if you need!
(Jul 18, 2012)
hey my friends!!!guys want tell you Brendalf is joing jewelery guild!You know,if you need anything i can do for you let me know :)
(Jul 13, 2012)
Ohh Mortaj...we will really miss you :/
(Jul 13, 2012)
i am no longer addicted to lotro, in fact i am quite bored (why i havent played on mortaj), so as to not drop the game for good i am taking a break for a bit, and am also going on holiday, i might be on again in 2 1/2 weeks bye!
(Jul 05, 2012)
Of course it would...we are looking for every kind of crafters...and it would be nice if we set up our own crafting we won't have why to check ah...or give money away...for our own armour
(Jul 05, 2012)
I received the mail in LOTRO for the crafting petitions. I am only an artisan woodworker, but was wondering if that could help others.
(Jul 02, 2012) Title: I am the one (in Dark Elven language)
(Jun 24, 2012)
hey :)
(Jun 20, 2012)
KINSHIP WEBSITE NOTE : The latest uptade has finished at 9:55 MD (My local Time)
(Jun 20, 2012)
it's really looking nice brenter
(Jun 20, 2012)
interesting your working on the website
(Jun 17, 2012)
mist is defined as A cloud of tiny water droplets suspended in the atmosphere at or near the earth's surface. And I missed you also :)
(Jun 17, 2012)
Hey Family i am Back <3 Mist you all
(Jun 14, 2012)
nice song harry
(Jun 07, 2012) apparently brenter's new favourite song after i showed him it :D
(Jun 03, 2012)
According to your votes Jonlin becomes our kinship successor with 2 points difference from Brendalf