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Manakeep 728x90
(Dec 12, 2013)
Looks great
(Dec 11, 2013)
I like it.
(Dec 11, 2013)
Yeah i know, welcome to our updated site :)
(Dec 11, 2013)
It happens here, and everywhere, too :) np
(Dec 09, 2013)
Lol, it was fun, i am sorry that i left in that way...But living in Albania, is not the best thing you can do...Electricity went off :/
(Dec 09, 2013)
Hey Brenter, ty for the help the other morning. Sorry about those bad pulls.
(Dec 04, 2013)
Oh thanks
(Dec 04, 2013)
Darimdam about Yule Festival, it is not yet announced
(Dec 04, 2013)
Hey guys do you know when will be the Yule festival?
(Dec 03, 2013)
(Dec 03, 2013)
this is what you need!
(Dec 02, 2013)
Brenter you said that i can work ingame to have ingame money.can you tell me what kind of work and what kind of payment youre talking about?
(Dec 01, 2013)
Aww we did NOT warn you! Shame on us! :P
(Nov 30, 2013)
holy cheeseballs the game spammed me with all this new update stuff :O thanks for the warning guys ;)
(Nov 24, 2013)
Awwww finaly we've missed you :D
(Nov 23, 2013)
My presence in Middle Earth should be returned quite soon, I miss you all.
(Nov 21, 2013)
(Nov 21, 2013)
hey there have you bought the new expanssion?
(Nov 20, 2013)
Hello all Hows it going