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Harvest Festival

Each race knows it by a different name:
Harvest Festival for Hobbits
Harvestmath for Men
Autumnfest for Dwarves
Iavasmereth for Elves


Brave the depths beneath the Party Tree and explore the Haunted Burrow. The Hobbits of the Shire dug a little too deep beneath Bag End while trying to add another oven to the Party Tree’s kitchen. Every Hobbit in Hobbiton is talking about what may lurk in the dark and twisty tunnels that run beneath Bag End. Did crazy old Bilbo hide his treasures there? Did Gandalf the Grey really leave a curse upon the place to keep nosey hobbits at bay? Muster your courage and discover for yourself - but beware, in the Haunted Burrow, things do go bump in the night!

Complete daily quests, uncover traps, and solve riddles inside a haunted Hobbit fun-house!

Explore every wing of the Haunted Burrow for a truly frightful time!

Earn fall festival tokens and turn them in for special rewards including cloaks, maps, masks and the Spooky Steed of the Bat!

Test your skill at daily Harvestmath games including Scroll-grabbing, Geode-hunting, Pumpkin Picking, and Apple Bobbing!

Troves & Trickery Returns - Play tricks on citizens of Thorin's Hall, Duillond, Hobbiton, and Bree!

Join the Harvestmath Horse Races at the Shire or Bree-land festival grounds!

Decorate your house with festive Harvestmath items including the Haunted Tree!

Raise a pint with the Ale Association or Inn League!

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