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Yuletide Festival

Yule Festival is running this year from December 17, 2012 – January 1
The quests are mostly broken up into five major regions in Middle Earth.

  • Bree Festival Grounds (24.7S, 51.6W Breeland)
  • Thorin’s Hall (13.48S, 103.2W Thorin’s Gate) – in the underground Tavern
  • Duillond (24.6S, 93.1W Ered Luin)
  • Shire Party Tree (29.85S, 71.48W Shire)
  • Winter-home (special stable master in the 4 major cities)

What is not included in this guide
The festivals of Middle Earth include certain quests that appear with each and every festival. This would include the

  • Dance Quests
  • Horse Race
  • Inn League quests
  • Ale Association quests

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