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The Spring Festival

is usually held every year in March and lasts about two weeks. The first Spring Festival was held on March 7, 2008 and featured flower gathering, the dances with races, drinking games with the Inn League, and the Feast of the Greenfields. On March 24, 2009 during the second Spring Festival horse-racing was added to the event along with a hedge maze for adventures to explore and additional drinking games with the Inn League. Spring Festival 2010 was celebrated on March 24th and saw the introduction of the Festival Garden and the Stomp-a-Shrew event. The Inn League found themselves in competition with the dwarves of the Ale Association in March 23, 2011 with the fourth Spring Festival event. Also, addition quests were added to the hedge maze and notices were sent by mail to inform adventurers of the activities. Spring Festival 2012 didn't commence until May 24th. The ability to repeat the flower gathering as many times as you like was added that year.

The currency of this festival is the Spring Leaf. Collecting these can help you buy the goodies listed in the rewards section below. The quests are mostly broken up into five major regions in Middle Earth. These are where you will find the festival vendors as well as other festival activities.

  • Bree Festival Grounds (24.7S, 51.6W Breeland)
  • Thorin’s Hall (13.48S, 103.2W Thorin’s Gate) – in the underground Tavern
  • Duillond (24.6S, 93.1W Ered Luin)
  • Shire Party Tree (29.85S, 71.48W Shire)

What is not included in this guide The festivals of Middle Earth include certain quests that appear with each and every festival. This would include the

  • Dance Quests
  • Horse Race
  • Inn League quests
  • Ale Association quests


  • Spring Sprung! Complete the 5 repeatable quests at the Bree-land Hedge Maze (doesn’t include the quests Terrible Tweens or Disorientation) Title: Amazling
  • Spring is Dandy This is a check list of 9 quests you must complete. It is all the shrew stomping (minus this years new quests), the 2 horse races, 3 from the hedge maze and Bullroarer’s Advanced Challenge in the Shire. Title: Spring Dandy
  • Shrewed Gardener Defeat 160 shrews in the stomp a shrew event Title: The Shrewed
  • Taming of the Shrews Defeat 400 shrews at the stomp a shrew event. This is opened after completing “Shrewed Gardener” Title: Tamer of the Shrews
  • Fortune Cookies These deeds are completed by collecting fortunes from the Extra Deliciously Tasty Biscuit consumables bought at the festival vendors. The fortunes are tradable so you do not need to collect all of them yourself to complete the deed. There are a total of 50 fortunes to be found.
  • Festival Fortunes: Oddly Familiar (Fortunes 1-10) Title: Same Old Song
  • Festival Fortunes: A Storyteller’s Snippets (Fortunes 11-20) Title: The Peculiar
  • Festival Fortunes: Excellent Advice (Fortunes 31-40) Title: The Enlightened
  • Festival Fortunes: An Adventurer’s Song (Fortunes 41-50) Title: The Poetical
  • Cartogrophile – Eriador 4 maps available in the Spring Festival towards this deed. See more details about this deed here.
  • Consume Consumables: D.R.A.G.O.N.
  • Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)
  • Consume Consumables: Doom-Shroom
  • Use consumable 300 times and you will be able to use this affect as a permanent skill (no consumable required)

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