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The Wold

Solo warbands (dailies award Item:Blue Box of Wold Spoils):

[77] Warband: Cinder - A huge Salamander with two allies (Minions) - Typically found near Venomtongue in the Seething Mire west of Harwick.

Few Inforamation:

Information about Cinder:

[77] Warband: Hanrun - A large, saddled warg notably missing his rider, escorted by two smaller wargs, who roves south of Feldburg.

Few Information:

Information about Hanrun:

[77] Warband: Urush - A mounted Easterling, leading a band of other Easterling riders through the hills west of Jóshkhin Orda.

Few Information:

Information about Urush:

[77] Warband: Bughrakh - An orc commander who leads a patrol on foot, typically in the woods east of Floodwend.

Few Information:

Information about Bughrakh:

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