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As if ravaging Hobbit villages as an Orc and sending their furry little feet fleeing in terror weren't reward enough, there are other incentives for participating in Monster Play. In this section, we'll talk about the basic aspects of advancement. The rank, rating, renown/infamy and other information about your participation and advancement appears on The War page of your Character Journal.


Commendations are earned doing quests in the Ettenmoors and by defeating player characters. These commendations are spent to obtain new traits, skills, audacity and appearance for your monster character. It can also be used for obtaining various different potions and food.


Rank is a reflection of your standing and service to the Free Peoples as a player character, and the favor earned in service to Angmar's army as a monster. Each type of character, monster or Free Peoples, can earn up to 15 ranks.

Renown & Infamy

Renown (for Free Peoples) and Infamy (for monsters) are similar to experience. Each time you defeat an enemy, whether solo, in a fellowship or in a raid, you earn an amount of Renown or Infamy based on the rating and rank of the defeated foe versus your rating and rank and the amount of damage you and/or your fellowship/raid members dealt to your target. You can also earn them by doing quests in the Ettenmoors. Earned points are never lost, and continue to drive you closer to ever higher ranks.


Rating is a fluctuating number that rises and falls based on your victories and defeats in player vs. monster player combat (PvMP). The amount of rating points earned or lost depends on your rating and the rating of your opponent or opponents. A higher rating grants bonus Renown/Infamy from PvMP victories.


Prestige used to be a visual representation of your PvMP rating, appearing as a collection of stars surrounding your player portrait. For every 0.100 Rating above 1.000, you would gain half a star, adding up to a maximum of 5 stars at 2.000. This mechanic has been removed as it caused "star-hugging": players would avoid fights because they were afraid of losing their stars, thereby killing the action. You can now only see your own rating, shown at The War page of your Character Journal.


Perks are short-term buffs which benefit your normal player characters, and can be used to boost your strength, increase your speed, and even give you rested experience points. They were earned with Destiny Points gained through Monster Play and leveling up, and can be purchased via your Destiny Point Wallet after level 10. The ability to spend the destiny points you earned is still available, but as of Update 6 players are unable to earn them through Monster Play, only through leveling up..

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