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Monster Play. Often spoken of in hushed and fearful tones over a pint of ale, some believe the stories, while other stalwarts consider them simply fireside tales told to frighten wide-eyed young hobbits. Now you'll learn the truth!

Playing as a Monster

Before you are able to play Monster Play, you have to create a free player and attain at least level 10. After that, a red "Monster Play" button will be active on the character select screen after login (Prior to Book 10, Fell Scrying Pools were used in-game; these have been removed). In Monster Play, you have one slot for each class available to play. Free players get only the Orc Reaver as free class, the other classes cost 800 Turbine Points. The available classes are: Orc Reaver, Orc Defiler, Spider Weaver, Uruk Blackarrow, Uruk Warleader, or Warg Stalker (all of which start as level 85 monsters). Once created, each monster character will persist and be available for further play, unless you choose to reset it.

Playing for the Free Peoples

If you wish to take the side of the Free Peoples, your player character must first attain level 80. Prior to the release of The Lord of the Rings Online: Riders of Rohan, player characters were eligible to join the battle in the Ettenmoors at level 40. Once you are at least level 80, visit one of the stable-masters that can take you to the Ettenmoors. One such route can be found at Elrond's stables in the western section of Rivendell, just west of the Trainer area. Speak to stable-master Remros about the Ettenmoors, and he'll send you on your way.

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