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Free to Play

- Free to Play (abbreviated F2P) was launched in the fall 2010 and introduced a new business model. Players can play for free with significant restrictions and remove those restrictions by making a purchase in the in-game Lotro Store with Turbine Points (TP).
You can download the game for free and start playing without a subscription or even a credit card. Anyone can join the game for free as a Free player.


-You will automatically be upgraded to Premium player status with your first purchase of something for real world money, Turbine Points (TP), etc.

VIP Account Discussion

Acquiring VIP status

VIP status can be acquired with the following methods:

  • Maintaining an active subscription through the LOTRO account web interface (requires a credit card)
  • Adding game time from 60 day or 12 month Game Cards. Available at many retailers and the Turbine on-line Store
  • Adding the key from a physically purchased Moria box to an account will add 30 days of VIP time. Note: These are old boxes from before Free to Play. Also note that European (CodeMaster) keys are no longer valid.
  • Having a Lifetime Membership. Note: no longer purchasable.

Benefits of being VIP

  • Access to all Quests, Instances and Skirmishes except for those acquired through expansions (Moria, Mirkwood, Rise of Isengard, and Riders of Rohan).
  • 500 Turbine Points per month.
  • 5 Character slots per server.
  • 5 Inventory bags.
  • All trait slots available.
  • Swift Travel to more than to the starting zones.*
  • Can acquire the horse riding skill for free from a quest at level 20.
  • Maximum Gold limit.
  • Automatic Rest XP.
  • 20 Wardrobe slots.
  • 30 Active Auction House listings.
  • Unlimited Crafting Guild access.
  • Can earn and spend Destiny Points on in-game perks.
  • Full Freep access to PvMP.
  • All monster classes available.

(*)= These features cannot be purchased from the LOTRO Store and are exclusive VIP features.
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Oh wow the VIP's are like kings.I really want to be VIP but its too expensive for me :S I mean like i live in bulgaria and here the currency is "Lev" and it like: 1 Lev = 0.5 euro or 0.7-8 dollars
Goodbye Darimdam The Swift Arrow!
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