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The Shire Homesteads is an area within the Shire in the south-western region.

The Shire Homesteads contain player housing in the cozy home style of the hobbits. The homesteads are located in the Southfarthing beyond the Southfarthing Gate, south of Waymeet. Andy Brockhouse stands outside the homesteads' entrance.

Services are provided within or just outside the Homestead Provisions building. It may be mentioned that Taleboot Took, the local supplier and provisioner, provides a 10 - 15% discount to his assortment. Thence crafters find it useful to shop locally. Players may swiftly travel to their home and/or their kinship house, and also a milestone is available just outside the entrance.
In order to complete the quest Homesteads of Eriador players must talk to Andy Brockhouse. Then Rolf Bracegirdle, inside the homesteads, will complete the quest There's No Place Like Home.

Here is an example of the interior of Hobbit houses:

Shire Homes in Decoration Mode:
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