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Dismissal Guidelines:

Our kin chat is moderated in order to avoid upsetting incidents. Here are some guidelines intended to help maintain a positive and fun game experience for all. Unfortunately there are times when someone must be dismissed in order to maintain a positive kin atmosphere. Please handle such dismissals with clarity and respect.

Do not dismiss someone without talking to them first and giving them a chance to correct their behavior (in a private chat). Tell them (privately) that they will be dismissed if they do not comply with kin rules.

If they have been warned and still continue to be difficult, then respectfully tell them you will dismiss them in a private tell, and tell them why so they can learn from it.

Example: Someone makes critical comments in kin chat. In kin chat remind them that they can send any complaints to an officer in private. If they continue to publicly criticize, send them a private tell something like this… “You have a voice in this kin. You can send in your complaints. You need to stop posting them in kin chat because it is upsetting for our members. If you do not stop, I will have no choice but to dismiss you from this kin.”
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