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All members must sign-up on our website at . After signing up on our website, please post your character(s) on the kinship roster found on the Kinship Roster page. Only post those characters you have in the kinship. If you were in a kinship previously, you will need to remove your membership from the prior kinship and transfer characters to the new kinship. This site is for your benefit since news, events, and activities are posted on the website, so please check often.

We are all representatives of this kinship by membership and name, please show respect for that name and take pride in your membership. When around other players your behavior reflects on our kinship. Please act in ways that reflect well on our kinship and not negatively.

When possible, please take some time to help other members. The more you give, the greater the rewards. Feel free to also help those not of our kinship. This will reflect well of our kinship, showing that we are willing to sacrifice our own time to help others with an extended hand of friendship to those in need.

Due to the possibility that some of our members may be younger, use appropriate language and behavior during kinship chat. Profane, abusive, and/or threatening language, any extreme language or behavior that would show negatively on our kinship, sexual harassment, making malicious, false, and/or derogatory statements, and spreading rumors that may damage the integrity and/or reputation of other members or the kinship will result in warning up to and including dismissal. If you have concerns about the actions or behavior of another member, please contact an officer immediately so the appropriate action can be taken.
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