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General note to our ''Guests''

You cant view much of this website by visiting it like a Guest. If you are already a member of our kin please click the APPLY TO GUILD and set up your account to get the full benefits like posting photos comments etc. Use your main character name as username (or if you want too, add your real name, in your accounts information). If you have more than one character, you can add the alts to our kinship and your account after you are accepted inside our family.
Welcome to ''The Crusaders'' Kinship
Our kin is open to all races and classes. We focus on helping each-other via raids, skirms and we keep our members suited, with best gear, after a number of donation to our crafters! Our kin chat is moderated to provide fun and experience suitable for all ages. We focus on combining cultures, ideas and experiences with people all around the world.

What WE are expecting from YOU:

- Register within 2 days. Everyone who register after the 2 days limit will have to apply. We find 2 days enough to get yourself registered.
- Update your profile, as we want to know who we are dealing with.
- Check the website frequently, since every piece of information about raids, events etc, will be posted on the website.
- Participate on the forums. We aren't posting everything for nothing, a good forum needs to have a alot of participants. You can let your creative mind go and post something yourself. It can be any for of Art or a Guide, anything is possible.
-What we plan to do 
We plan on being a family based guild, with close ties to each other.
-What we plan to do for you
We are here to make your experience in LOTRO one of the most enjoyable experiences that we can possibly give.
INNACTIVITY RULES: Being innactive for 150 days you will be demoted, if you won't log in for 200 days you will be booted

- Follow our main rules :
1) No Spamming
2) No Drama
3) No Begging
4) No Cursing

Note on TIME ZONES: When you are logged in, the times shown on the event calendar are adjusted to your local time.
The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug (2014)